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Power Plant & Cogeneration System

Steam Microturbine.

Steam is Massively Wasted in all Industries.This again the Enviroment and against profitability.

    S2E 50-600 Steam to Energy Transformer

    S2E Microturbine

    Key Features

    • High,Efficient,steam based energy generator.
    • Efficient operation in conditions of wet steam.
    • Excellrent ratio power/weight
    • Modular construction with simple installation.
    • Environmental friendly technology
    • Fully usable clean output steam.
    • Working life min 100,000 hours.
    • Full power reaction time in 10 minutes


    Reduction turbine/electric energy production
    Electric energy production in the prime or secondary steam line

    Technical parameters
    Electric Power
    50 - 500 kWe
    50-600 kWe
    Incoming steam temperaturemin 130 °C
    max 350 °C
    Incoming steam pressuremin 4,0 bar Abs.
    max 35,0 bar Abs.
    Outcoming steam temperaturemin 105 °C
    max 315 °C
    Outcoming steam pressuremin 1,1 bar Abs.
    max 6,0 bar Abs.
    Steam flowmin 1,1-3 t/hour
    max 20 t/hour

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