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Power Plant & Cogeneration System

What is Cogeneration.

Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of power/electricity, hot water, and/or steam from one fuel.Cogeneration plant can reach system efficiencies exceeding 60%.Cogeneration is an enery-efficient,environmentally-friendly method of producing electricity steam and/or hot water at the same time, in one process with one fuel.
Fuel used in cogeneration include natural gas, fuel oil, clean coal, bio-mass, and renewable energies such as wood or wood waste.
More and more companies are finding cogeneration the best way to provide power and thermal energy for their on-site energy requirements due to the numerous advantages and benefits.We received a lot of benefits from Cogeneration system.
* When you choose Cogeneration for your plant's company's onsite power needs your choice is a positive step forward in energy efficiency,energy independence and improving our environment.
* Power made from your own on-site Cogeneration power plant yields the following benefits.
  • 1. Conservation of our environment and limited energy resources
  • 2. Energy independence from foreign suppliers & "local" power (utility) companies.
  • 3. A cleaner, greener, healthier enviroment.
  • 4. Signiticant saving on your total energy expenses up to 50% in many applications.
  • 5. No more black-outs.
* Cogeneration power plants are very energy efficient conserve natural resources and reduce fuel consumption as the system operates at high efficiencies
* Cogeneration system is becoming increasingly attractive option for business and consumers alike because of the cost emissions, reliability and power quality advantages that this system can provide.
* Cogeneration plant made and distributed both electricity and thermal energy as the same time.
Cogeneration Systems Diagram
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