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AQUATHERM hot water heater

Alquatherm the low Cost, low Temperature, eco-friendly heating option

In the Alquatherm,thermic fluid is substituted by water in the closed loop pressurised system.

Water boils when its vapour pressure equals the atmospheric pressure.When pressurised, water can boil at temperatures above 100°C.The Aquatherm uses this principle to heat water as high as 140°C or beyond without changing its liquid state.This water is transferred in a pressurised closed loop system to the point of application.

Water is eco friendly and has a specific heat of one, which makes is the best medium as compared to other liquid industrial heat transfer media like thermic fluids.

AQUATHERM : Water Heater
-Low cost heating for low temperature
application (upto 140 °C)
-Type:Hot Water Generator
-Capacity:0.1 - 14 Million kCal/hr
-Applications:Food processing, Daries, Drug and Pharma, Painting and Pickling industries.
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