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 CompanyProject Tilte :Project year :
1Thai Textile Industry Public Co.Ltd.Supply Coal fired Boiler Plant 12 TPH x 2
Absorption Chiller/Cooling water system
2Sinsurang Liquor Co.Ltd.Supply Coal fired Boiler Plant 5 TPH + 10 TPH2004-2005
3Vita Food Factory Co.Ltd.Supply Coal fired Boiler Plant 16 TPH2004
4Kangwal Polyester Co.Ltd.Coal fired hot oil Boiler Plant 25 TPH+6.5 MKcal2005
5Thai Filament Textile Co.,Ltd.Coal fired Boiler 25 TPH2005
6Thai Rayon Public Company LimitedCoal fired Boiler Plant 20 TPH2005
7Pacific Textile and Dyeing Co.Ltd.Supply coal fired boiler and heater 10 TPH + 3.5 Mkcal2005
8Chiem Pattana Textile Co.Ltd.Supply coal fired oil heater 5.0 Mkcal2005
9TUW Co.Ltd.Supply coal fired boiler CX120 x1 (12 TPH)2005
10Lucky Glass Co.Ltd.Centralized Compressed air system & Cooling Water System for plant2006
11Ostspa Co.,Ltd.Centralized Compressed air system2005
12Thai Kraft Paper Industry Co.,Ltd.Centralized Compressed air system2002
13Siam Construction Steel Co.Ltd.Centralized Compressed air system2005
14Rama Textile Industry(1988) Co.Ltd.Supply Coal Fired Boiler CX160 x 3 (16 TPH x 3)2006
15Siam Zenith Fabric Co., Ltd.Supply Coal Fired Boiler CLP30 x 2 and Hot oil VT252006
16Thai Toray Textile millsSupply Coal Fired Boiler CX1802007
17Teijin (Thailand) Coal Fired BoilerCX2502007
IHI TURBO COMPRESSOR PARKER AIRTEK AIR DRYER Thermax Steam/HotOil Boilers Power Plant & Cogeneration System Taishan Group Flexware Turbomachinery Engineers Technopa Engineering
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